Importance of underlay foam while installing Laminate Wooden Floor.

Laminate Wooden Flooring or Engineer Wood Flooring is a very good, exclusive and wonderful floor in any office of home.  Laminate Wooden Floor looks excellent and is very comfortable and cozy.  This floor immediately lifts the status of any place this floor is installed

A rarely noticed item while laying Laminate Wooden Floor is the “Underlay Foam 2 mm” layed under the wooden flooring, be it Laminate Wood or Engineer Wood.

The benefits and advantages of PE Underlay Foam.
  1. The underlay foam under the Laminate/Wooden Floor should of PE (Polyethylene).
  2. As polyethylene sheet is slightly hard as well as soft.  It helps in giving the wood floor a semi soft underlay support.
  3. The PE underlay acts as a balancing item to cover the minor undulation of the main floor.
  4. The thickness of the PE underlay foam should be of 2 mm. 
  5. Thicker foam can cause damage to the locks of the wood floor while using.
  6. The less than 2 mm thickness can get damaged installing. 
  7.  Do not get tempted to use thicker of thinner foam.
  8. The foam to be used should be poly laminated.
  9. If poly laminated foam is not available than use a sheet of polythene before laying the PE foam.

This small precaution can protect your precious laminate floor for minor moisture coming from the floor, moths, insects, borers and to some extent from the termite. 

However, it is impossible to protect wood from termite.   There are separate set of precautions for protecting your wood floor from termite.

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Wall to Wall Carpets - Facts, Merits & Demerits.

Wall to wall Carpets are the most common type of soft floors.  The wall to wall carpet does justice to the word "soft floor".  They are the real soft floors.  If you want a cozy, royal and elegant look in your room then wall to wall carpet is the best product.  

The wall to wall carpets comes in roll form.  For installing wall to wall carpets they are cut to sizes of the room.  The carpet may have joints in one room as they come in the standard width of 6 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft and 13 ft etc.  To cover the entire room the installer will have to cut the carpet to your sizes.  Please note that there may be joints in your room carpet if the size of your room is bigger than the width of the carpet.  If your room is within the width of the carpet your will have a joint less wall to wall carpet.

Types of Wall to Wall Carpets available:

a.    The most economical Non Woven Carpet.  (Now widely being used in Tent Houses, Wedding Halls and Public Gathering Functions like conferences, Trade shows etc.)
b.    The luxury looking cut pile thick carpets.  These carpets have luxury look, are thick generally and the pile of the carpet is cut from the top.  The look of the carpet is of animal fur or hair.
c.    The loop pile carpets.  These carpets are made having multiple loops all over the carpet.  In other words the pile of the carpet are uncut.  In the luxury carpets the pile is in cut form, the pile of loop pile carpet is in uncut form.  The density of the fiber in the carpet will tell you the quality of the carpet.
d.   Loop Pile Carpet  - Tiles are the latest entrant in the field.  These are the loop pile carpets made in the form of tiles having a very strong backing underneath to give the firmness to the carpet.  These carpet tiles are mainly installed in office areas, home theaters etc.  The Carpet Tiles gives a very royal, elegant and corporate look to any office with the added advantage of sound insulation.  In big offices where the number of people working in one particular are is too high, the noise and sound created may become a trouble, the carpet tiles works as an acoustic element and is a  wonderful sound insulator for floor alongwith the false ceiling and other sound managers installed in any area.

Merits of Wall to Wall Carpet

1.   Carpet is a very good insulator.  It can save on your AC Bill and the room gets cooler faster.
2.   It will not be wrong to write that it is easier to maintain.  If you can do regular vacum cleaning, carpet is a very good product.  You have to protect the carpet from stains, moisture and dirt.  If taken care of all the above points you cannot explain the merits of a carpet.  You will enjoy having a wall to wall carpet.
3.   Carpet is a very good sound insulator.  You will experience the advantages of sound insulation while watching TV in a carpeted room or Children playing in a carpeted room.  There will be very little eco or noise if wall to wall carpet is installed.
4.   You can enjoy walking bare footed on a wall to wall carpet.  It is a wonderful experience altogether.
5.   In offices also loop pile carpet and carpet tiles are a boon.  The loop pile carpets are very rough and rugged for wear and tear.  The carpet tiles are another benefit for the office areas.  You can just replace the damaged carpet tile if you need to repair the floor.
6.   The wall to wall carpets are 100% anti slippery and protection from accidents due to falling on the floors for whatever reason.  These are the safest form of floor specially for the senior citizens and small children

DeMerits of Wall to Wall Carpet

1.   If not cleaned properly may accumulate lot of dust.  The dust may lead to allergies, moth, dust mites and other foreign particles not good for health.  If you are sensitive to dust allergies please avoid wall to wall carpet.
2.   If some hard material like tea, coffee, cooked vegetables, soups etc.  is spilled on the carpet it will be very difficult or almost impossible to remove.
3.   If a portion of carpet gets damaged you may need to remove the entire carpet.  Doing patchwork will look very ugly.

4.   You may need professionals to clean the carpet atleast once in a year.