Importance of underlay foam while installing Laminate Wooden Floor.

Laminate Wooden Flooring or Engineer Wood Flooring is a very good, exclusive and wonderful floor in any office of home.  Laminate Wooden Floor looks excellent and is very comfortable and cozy.  This floor immediately lifts the status of any place this floor is installed

A rarely noticed item while laying Laminate Wooden Floor is the “Underlay Foam 2 mm” layed under the wooden flooring, be it Laminate Wood or Engineer Wood.

The benefits and advantages of PE Underlay Foam.
  1. The underlay foam under the Laminate/Wooden Floor should of PE (Polyethylene).
  2. As polyethylene sheet is slightly hard as well as soft.  It helps in giving the wood floor a semi soft underlay support.
  3. The PE underlay acts as a balancing item to cover the minor undulation of the main floor.
  4. The thickness of the PE underlay foam should be of 2 mm. 
  5. Thicker foam can cause damage to the locks of the wood floor while using.
  6. The less than 2 mm thickness can get damaged installing. 
  7.  Do not get tempted to use thicker of thinner foam.
  8. The foam to be used should be poly laminated.
  9. If poly laminated foam is not available than use a sheet of polythene before laying the PE foam.

This small precaution can protect your precious laminate floor for minor moisture coming from the floor, moths, insects, borers and to some extent from the termite. 

However, it is impossible to protect wood from termite.   There are separate set of precautions for protecting your wood floor from termite.

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