6 Points to take care before installing Wooden Flooring.

Wooden Flooring looks wonderful in any establishment, be it office, home, showroom or shops.  It instantly enhances the decorum and goodwill of the place.  The comfort level and re silence of the room also greatly increased.

Six precautions should be taken before installing the wooden flooring.  This will allow you to enjoy your wooden floor for years.

1. The Floor should be clean:

Before installing the wooden flooring please check your floor and make sure that the floor is clean.  The base floor must be clean without any dirt.  The dirt, sand particles can cause imbalance.

2. The Floor should be dry:

The base floor should be fully dry.  The moisture in the floor can cause permanent damage to the wooden flooring.  

While making the PCC base floor we have to cure it properly for creating the strength of the floor.  The nicely cured (cured with water) floor takes minimum 2 weeks to dry in normal temperature of 35+ degree temperature.  Please make sure that the base floor is fully dry before installing the Wooden Floor.

A simple procedure of checking the moisture level of the floor is to paste a clear polythene on the floor and check it after 12 to 24 hours.  If the polythene accumulates water under it then the floor still has moisture.  Laying of Wooden Floor should be avoided till the moisture dries up.

3. The Floor should be smooth & even:

The base floor must be smooth.  Smooth means that the floor should not have undulations in it.  The uneven floor will create unnecessary complications in any wooden floor.  As the planks of the wooden floor are straight, any depression or bump on the floor will make the wooden floor uneven.  The uneven base floor will result in following problems:

a) The floor will make cracking noise while walking on it.
b) The floor will look uneven if the unevenness is too high.
c) At longer duration the shape of the plank of the wooden flooring may bent as per the depression of the base floor.
d) The interlocking locks of the Wooden Floor may get damaged while using the floor due to unevenness.

The floor must be checked and ensure that there are no major unevenness in it. The different ways of checking unevenness are:

i) Place a long straight piece of wooden bar, aluminium section on the floor. You will be able to easily see the unevenness of the floor.

ii) Second option is of spilling some water on the floor.  Wherever there is accumulation of water, there is depression in the floor.

The uneven floor must be leveled using self leveling material.  The different ways of leveling the floor are:

a) Use a good self leveling material to level the floor.
b) Redo the PCC in the depressed area.
c) Grind the embossed/bumped areas of the floor.
d) For short term solutions you can use White Cement Putty or Plaster of Paris to level the floor. Plaster of Paris (POP) is not the correct product, but for instant solution it can be used (better to avoid). 

4. Block all points from where water can come:

Water is the enemy of Wooden Flooring.  Please check all points from where water can seep in or enter the area where water can enter.  If you have attached bathroom please see that the bathroom floor is down than the room floor.  As additional precaution please put a stone strip on the gate to be double sure that water does not enter the floor.

5. Check Termite or Borer:

Termite & Borer are the another enemy of wooden floor.  Please check and take all precautions against Termite & Borer.  The termite and borer can completely wipe out and finish the wooden flooring.  A proper termite treatment should be done if there is threat of termite in the area.

6. Put proper protective layer under the Wooden Floor:

Before laying the wooden floor please ensure that Polythene + 2mm HDPE (separately or laminated) sheet should be layed under the laminate wooden floor. This layer protects the floor and also covers minor undulation of the floor.

If these precautions are taken the Wooden Floor, be it Laminate of Engineered will last for years.

Thank you.

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