Comparision between Vinyl Flooring and Epoxy Flooring in Industrial application. vinyl flooring vs epoxy flooring

Epoxy is a paint type liquid which is layed on the base floor.  The epoxy flooring is layed by spreading multiple layers of epoxy liquid on the floor to get the desired thickness.

Vinyl Floor is a factory made sheet of poly vinyl chloride.  The sheet are made in the factory which has even thickness.  The quality and specifications can be pre understood before laying the flooring.  The Vinyl Flooring is installed by pasting the vinyl sheet using water based adhesive.

Precondition required for installation:
Before installing the EPOXY the base floor quality must be inspected and a very strong and firm base floor without any cracks or undulation is required.  It is quiet difficult to get even layer coating and you have to depend upon the honesty and workmanship of the laying contractor.

For installing the PVC Flooring the floor must be smooth, dry and clean.  Minor undulation, cracks can easily be covered and taken care by the secondary PVC Flooring.  The secondary layer of vinyl flooring works as an additional floor to the main sub floor.

Feel & Finish:
Epoxy Flooring can be installed all over the floor without any joints coming in between.  The entire floor will look seamless.

Vinyl Floor will have joints in between due to limitation of being a factory made product.  The maximum width available is 2 meter x 20 to 30 meter in India in roll form.  If we opt for tiles the size may vary between 305mm x 305mm or other sizes as available.  The joints can be taken care of by welding the joints.

Effect of underfloor moisture:
Incase moisture comes from the underfloor the Epoxy floor may get peeled off.  You cannot reused the peeled off epoxy floor.

Vinyl Flooring also gets peeled off if moisture comes in the underfloor.  But the area will still be usable as a layer of secondary floor will be there to take care of.  As and when the problem of moisture is resolved, the vinyl floor can be installed again.  The vinyl floor if removed from the area can still be used in some other area.

Effects of Cracks and damage of base floor:
Epoxy becomes the part of the base floor.  Epoxy floor gets peeled off or get damaged if the main base floor develops cracks.  Once the epoxy floor starts peeling off, the area can spread over larger area.  The Epoxy Floor will need immediate repair to the base floor and the epoxy layer.  It is almost impossible to match the colour of epoxy flooring.

The Vinyl Floor will act as a support to cracked base floor for a pretty long time.  There will be no visible problem to the user.  This is because vinyl has some elasticity characteristics and also it is a second layer of flooring and is not a paint.  The repair of cracked base floor can be done later as per convenience.  Incase there is a need to replace the vinyl floor, matching colour can be found and replaced*.

It is very easy to clean a floor which has Epoxy Flooring.  But if there is some water logging sports, the epoxy may get damaged if in contact with water for longer period.

It is also very easy to clean the floor with has Vinyl Floor.  There is no risk of flooring getting cracked or peeling of due to water logging on the floor or excessive cleaning requirement .

Colour & Designs:
Generally Epoxy Floor comes in plain shades.  There is limitation in designs.
In Vinyl Floor there is no limitation in designs and prints.  You can get any imaginable design on the vinyl and you can create many new design by using different colours.

Acids & Alkalis:
Epoxy Floor can be good if acids and alkalis are to be used in some specific area.  Now a days vinyl with bearing capacity to some acids and alkalis has been developed.

Cost & Value for Money:
A very normal and standard quality of 2mm Epoxy Flooring is of double the cost of good quality standard 2mm Vinyl Flooring.  It is almost impossible to measure the thickness of even 2mm thickness in Epoxy Flooring, whereas you can measure the Vinyl Floor even after installation. 

Wear & Tear:

In heavy traffic areas Epoxy and Vinyl get weared  depending upon the quality of Vinyl or Epoxy you have used.  Redoing the floor is another issue.  For redoing the Epoxy Floor you may keep the area unused for a longer time, whereas in case of Vinyl the floor can be immediately used after installation of the Vinyl Floor.