10 Things you should know about taking care of your artificial grass.

Artificial Grass is a very a wonderful products and gives the open space a wonderful look and attraction.
Points to remember:

  1. Artificial Grass is an artificial product and should not be used as natural grass.  It is a carpet and you have to take care of the carpet.
  2. Artificial Grass gets hot when exposed to direct sunlight.  So do not walk barefoot on artificial grass when it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  3. If you want to use the artificial grass during sunshine you will have to sprinkle water on the exposed area to cool it down.
  4. Do not use fire or fire related products on Artificial Grass.  The fire can burn or damage the artificial fibers.  Also ensure that no one drops cigarette on the grass, however it will burn the grass but can damage a particular area of the grass.
  5. When something spills or falls on the artificial grass you have to clean the area locally.  Please clean the area where something has fallen.  If you spill some liquid like tea, coffee, cold drink etc. on the artificial grass you can clean the liquid by water.  Spray sufficient water to get rid of the smell and stickiness of the liquid.
  6. Protect your lawn from chemicals, corrosive chemicals and oils.
  7. Remove the debris, leaves etc from the grass.
  8. You can water your artificial grass to clean the organic matter from the grass.  The artificial grass can be bit slippery when wet which please note.
  9. To clean the area where there is stain or odor you can clean the area by using mild detergent and vinegar mixed water in the area.
  10. Brush your artificial grass regularly.  You can use bamboo broom (sheek jhadoo) to brush and clean the artificial grass.  For cleaning the grass you can broom it in the direction of the fiber.  For keeping the fibers straight and artificial grass looking young and beautiful broom or brush your artificial grass opposite to the direction of the fiber of the artificial grass.